Hrothgar Fara Ragnarson

Barbarian Pimp of the Screaming Vortex (Combat Leader, according to him)


Hrothgar Fara Ragnarson
Human Renegade

“Barbarian Pimp of the Screaming Vortex”

EXP: 25

For GIFTS: Raptor, Flesh Render (K), Swift Attack(K), +5 Agi (U), +Deceive (S), +5 Toughess (N), +5 WS (U)

Size: Hulking

Weapon Skill 50 (Adroit: +1 degree of success)
Ballistic Skill 35
Strength 60
40, +20 from Power Armour
Toughness 41
Agility 51
Intelligence 27
Perception 34
Willpower 37
Fellowship 24
Infamy 31
Corruption 14

Wounds 13 -9

Pride: Grace +5 A, -5 BS
Disgrace: Destruction +2 Infamy, -4 Fel
Motivation: Legacy +2 Infamy, -4 Int

S: Athletics
P: Awareness
WS: Parry +10
I: Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)
I: Common Lore (Tech)
I: Common Lore (Adeptus Astartes)
I: Common Lore (War)
I: Trade (Mechanic)
I: Linguistics (Low Gothic)
I: Medicae
A: Operate (Aeronautica)
A: Dodge
A: Stealth
S: Intimidate
F: Deceive

Illusion of Normalcy (Slaanesh)
+20 to Decieve, gain Unremarkable Talent

GC Mind Impulse Unit
+10 to Tech-Use, Pilot, Drive, Logic, Inquiry, WS, and BS skill tests
Only works when linked with MIU-capable systems (most weapons included)

He’s seen most of this shit before. Things have to be REAL bad to scare him.
Quick Draw
Drawing Basic, Pistol, or 1-H Melee weapons is a Free Action.
Rapid Reload
Halves all reload times, rounding down.
Weapon Training (Chain, Las, Primary, SP, Bolt)
Can use these weapon types without a penalty.
Heavy Weapon Training (Bolt)
Can use Heavy Weapons of these categories without a penalty.
Reduce distance of all falls by Agi bonus, +20 to Acro for jump to avoid falling damage.
Sure Strike
Called shot melee attacks are only at -10.
Use full action to make opposed WS test. If win, enemy drops weapon.
If won by 3 degrees or more, weapon falls into your hand.
Hip Shooting
Use full action to move full movement, then take a single shot with a ranged weapon.
Attempts to recall character’s face or spot him in a crowd are at -20.
+20 to Deceive to convince someone he’s never seen him before, or is harmless.
When charging with a jump pack, melee attack deals an extra d10 dmg for every
2 degrees of success, to a maximum of 2d10
Flesh Render
When using melee Tearing weapons, roll damage thrice and drop lowest 2 results.
Swift Attack
For every two degrees of success beyond the first, score an additional hit.

GC Boltgun
Basic 100m S/3/- 1d10+5 X Tearing, Reliable
4 PEN, 24 CLIP, Full RLD, 7kg (5 rounds spent)

BC Chainsword (human) Mono, Duellist’s Grip
Melee - - 1d10+3+6SB R Tearing, Balanced
4 PEN, 6kg +10 to WS

BC Power Armour Devotional Iconography: (Slaanesh)
AP 9, 32.5 kg Auto-Senses, Osmotic Gill, Sustainable Power, Vox Link, Magnetic Boots
+5 Intimidate, +10 Command on True demons, -10 command on Opposed demons

BC Jump Pack, Wired into Power Armour 12.5 kg
Prevents falling damage from any distance
User may "jump,” doubling movespeed and ignoring ground obstacles
User may gain Flyer (12) for one minute at a time

Trophy Rack (Slaaneshi symbols on a flag half-mounted to a cross-pole)
Enemies take -5 to WS from fear
+10 Intimidation, -10 Stealth

GC Conversion Field
Blocks damage on a roll of 50 or less, turning it into light.
If it blocks 12 or more damage, acts as a flash grenade, does not affect wearer.
Overloads on a 01-05

CC Stummer (Broken)
+30 to Stealth (Auditory) tests for 20 minutes, 1 hour to recharge.

3 Plasma Grenades
5 Spare Clips, for Boltgun
Vox Earbud (Broken)
4 Spare Power Packs

[Dataslate with Annotated Tactica Imperialis (Broken)
Power Field parts for Chainsword
Captain’s Coat and Cutlass
Lho Sticks x9
Alcohol x4
Stimm x5

Hell Hammer Lascannon
Flesh Replenishment
Skeletal Petrifaction
Pheromone Generator
Ultimate Power

Ambidextrous 1
Blademaster 3
Blade Dancer 3
Combat Master 2
Crippling Strike 2
Crushing Blow 3
Furious Assault 2
Hammer Blow 3
Hard Target 2
Killing Strike 2
Leap Up 1
Lightning Attack 3
Paranoia 2
Precise Blow 2
Preternatural Speed 3
Rapid Reaction 2
Sound Constitution 1
Step Aside 3
True Grit 3
Two-Weapon Wielder 2

These are the following:
Canoness Leona Rak: • The Canoness is the leader
of the Sisters of Serenity, a sub-sect of the Sisters
Hospitaller that can trace its roots to the Adepta Sororitas
presence amongst the Angevin Crusade. She is the Soul
of Charity.
Warden Phineas Morn: • The Warden has long
commanded Saint Annard’s Penance, and has been a
proud member of the Adeptus Arbites all his adult life.
He is the Soul of Law.
Cardinal Morgan Falconer:• The Cardinal heads the
Ecclesiarchy presence on Saint Annard’s Penance. He is
the Soul of Piety.
General Helena Tarsian: • The commander of the
Imperial Guard forces stationed on Saint Annard’s
Penance, General Tarsian is as skilled a bureaucrat as
any Adept of the Departmento Munitorium, hence why
she has drawn a station far from the front lines of the
Imperium’s wars. She is the Soul of Security.


Hrothgar Fara Ragnarson

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