Prideful psyker and "leader" of the group, at least according to her



Wounds total: 14

Corruption: 11

Talents & Traits:

Psy Rating 3
Quick & the Dead
Weapon Training(Primary)
Weapon Training(SP)
Warp Sense
Chaos Psyker

Trained skills:
Common Lore(Screaming Vortex)
Common Lore(Imperial Creed)
Forbidden Lore(Daemonology)
Forbidden Lore(Psykers)
Linguistics(Low Gothic)
Linguistics(High Gothic)

Psychic powers: Mind Over Matter, Precision Telekinesis Force Bolt, Force Storm, Doombolt, Thought Sending, Delude, Compel, Precognition

Implants: GC MIU

Light Power Armour with Psychic Hood(BC)
Dataslate w/ arcane lore
1 skin
1 Stummer
Plasma Pistol(BC)
Stub Revolver(CC)
3 Solid Projectile clips
3 tox round clips
3 promethium canisters
5 frag grenades
4 stun grenades
1 Inquisitor outfit
1 noble outfit
140 000 thrones

Gifts of the gods: Steel Hearted


Adelia(or Gallia Wolfe of House Imperatrice as she was known at the time) grew up in quite wealthy circumstances, being born within a noble family on an Imperial feudal world, where she enjoyed the benefits of her birth well into her teens.

It was at this time, however, that her latent psyker abilities started to show. During an assassination attempt on her father, she struck a man dead using only her mind. Due to ”traditional values”, she was seen as a witch and would have been executed, had it not been for Adelias father releasing her the night before. Naturally, the child was frightened and knew naught to do but flee into the woods. Whether to her benefit or detriment, after several days of stumbling through the thick forests of her homeworld, Gallia came across an old woman who claimed to be a witch. It turned out that she was the leader of a decently sized cult, worshipping the glorious Tzeentch. As Gallia was one of few psykers to have emerged from this planet in several years, the witch took Gallia under her wing. She taught her the ways of the warp, of daemons and of psykers, along with how to control her powers. This went on for several years, with Gallias powers and her devotion to Tzeentch growing ever more, as she eventually adopted her new identity of Adelia. Once her strength was great enough, she slew the old witch, claiming her place as the matriarch of the cult. As soon as she could, Adelia arranged for the cult to go off world in search of glory, letting Tzeentch guide their way to Kurse.

They started out rather decently, numbering 300 men who knew how to hold a rifle. Even through her zeal, Adelia realised that they would not be able to perform any larger operations. As such, though it pains her, even since they arrived on Kurse they have been biding their time and building up their strength, making allegiances where she can. Sadly, their numbers have dwindled since arriving in the Screaming Vortex, largely due to initial mistakes. However, Adelia is still optimistic, as she hangs on to the hope that she’ll either be able to amass a large enough warband by herself to get off world and start operating on an interplanetary scale, or that she might prove herself enough to be taken into a larger warband and rise through the ranks.

The Mithril Consults, as Adelia has named her warband, have managed to amass a decent number by now. She chose the name as their operations so far have mostly been in support of other, larger warbands, doing raids and such that they can’t be bothered with.


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